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The recital program goes to print every year on April 30.

The recital program is one of the ways we create magical memories for your child. Seeing ones name in print in association with an accomplishment such as performing on stage is priceless. The program is also used so that parents can send extra special messages and recital well wishes to their dancer for all the audience to see. Lastly, the program is used to promote local businesses in our community. 

The program creation is a long, labour intensive and hugely important part of our recital. It is our goal to make sure every dancer is correctly recognized in the program and we value the assistance from parents, students and staff to make this happen.

In order to have the program in our hands in time for the show (and not after the show - in disastrous situations), we must send the program to the printing house by April 30. For that reason, there are no changes, additions or omissions to the program after this date for any reason. This is a strict policy that has no room for negotiation. 

The Responsibilities of Parents and Students:

  1. Your child can not change classes after signing up for the recital.
  2. You must check the spelling of your child's on the studio program mock up.
  3. You must notify Fancy Feet of any corrections, omissions, or additions on or before March 31. 
  4. Business ads must be created, paid for and submitted by April 15.
  5. Personal messages from Parents must be created, paid for and submitted by April 15.