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Start Dancing at Fancy Feet - Reason #06


Why your child should dance at Fancy Feet

Reason #06: Prep for Performance


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All of the students and dedicated teachers at Fancy Feet work towards the end of dance recital! Of course, everyone enjoys recital as a family friendly event that students, parents, teachers, and extended family look forward to each and every year. Besides all the preparation, the planning, the costumes, and makeup, there are many benefits to children participating in a recital. These benefits often translate into other aspects of their lives. What are the advantages of learning to be on stage and working towards a recital when you are young?

How does a dancer learn from dance recitals?

  1. Everyone needs a goal. As dance students come to class each week, they often focus on the fun they are having. The little ones, in particular, don’t often understand they are working towards a goal. As they begin to get older and more mature, these dancers learn through practice and commitment that having a goal in mind can help propel them forward. Taking positive “step by step” actions translates into school projects, health goals, and career paths later in life.

  2. Teamwork makes the dream work. When a group of dancers is preparing for a dance recital, they must learn to work as a team. Young girls at the dance studio are often “caught” helping a friend learn a step they might be struggling to learn. Working with others towards a common end is something that we all benefit from learning as a life skill. Teaching this foundation of teamwork benefits dancers in both personal and professional ways later in life. Once high school, college, and careers hit, working with a team is often the norm.

  3. Building up the confidence to step on stage. We can all use a little boost of confidence now and again. Performing in a dance recital is a great way for dancers to showcase all their hard work, dedication, and progress. Recitals can instill confidence in girls at a young age and is a good example for them which can carry through their entire lifetime. Seeing smiling faces in the audience and hearing the applause can help build confidence. Before too long, they will be presenting a project in front of a social studies class, an ad campaign for a client, or a new idea to a boss.

  4. Creating memories and friendships that last. When the big recital day arrives, it is officially memory making time. Having spent countless hours working towards this day forges friendship bonds that can last a lifetime. Getting dressed and feeling butterflies before the recital is a  memory that can last forever. It is a special time for everyone dancing and watching.

Fancy Feet Directors and staff can’t wait for all their dancers to step onstage. Along with the excitement and sometimes jitters of the day, it is a given that these students are benefitting in so many ways.

Give your child the opportunity to shine onstage this year!

Join the Fancy Feet dance family today.