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Recital Frequently Asked Questions

Parking? Hiram Johnson has a huge parking lot, so there is ample parking for all attending the show. Please follow signs for theater and dancer drop off. 

Do I need to Bring My Tickets to the Show?  Yes, please review your email receipt from Dance Recital Ticketing and bring confirmation of your ticket purchase to the show..  Tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and once used, non-transferable.  

Does my child come ready to perform? YES, arrive in full costume, shoes, hair, and make-up. Optional makeup for younger dancers. No bags unless you have a 2nd costume. 

What Time Do I Need to Be At The Shows? Dancers need to arrive 30 minutes dressed and ready before showtime. For example, if you are in Show A you need to arrive at 5:00pm sharp.    IF YOU ARE LATE, WE CAN’T HOLD YOUR CLASS PERFORMANCE.

When do you pick up your dancer after they perform? Dancers are excused class by class from the stage. If they change costumes and items backstage they can go with their parents/guardians after the show to retrieve their items. 

When do the lobby doors open before the show? The Lobby will open 30 min. before scheduled ShowTime.  

What if your dancer has multiple routines? Fancy Feet staff will help dancers with multiple costume changes. Please label your dancer's garment bag with their name and the class/time of the costume they need to switch into. 

What if my child has a Quick Change?  Fancy Feet staff will help dancers with quick changes. Please label your dancer's garment bag with their name and the class/time of the costume they need to switch into.  

What if I have a boy dancer in the show?  All the boys that have 1 dance will sit with the other dancers backstage. If you have a BOY dancer that needs to change, they have a specific dressing room. 

What does my child do while they are backstage?  Fancy Feet will provide water for all dancers. No food is permitted backstage. Kids will color and have crafts to keep them entertained. Please feed your dancer before arriving. 

What if my child needs to use the restroom backstage? A Fancy Feet staff member will help with bathroom trips. 

Where are the restrooms located?  The restrooms are located upstairs in the theater for audience members.  There is now ONE handicapped restroom located outside of the theater by the cafeteria. 

What if one of our guests is handicapped?  Please make sure your handicap guest purchases a ADA seat. 

Will Fancy Feet be open the weekend of the recital for regular classes? No

NO VIDEOTAPING OR PHOTOGRAPHY DURING THE SHOWS- EVEN IPHONES/IPADS, EVEN IN THE BALCONY – WE WILL STOP THE SHOW AND YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE  (you will receive a digital download) If you purchased flowers, a bear or candy necklace for your dancers online, they will be available for pick up in the lobby before the show or at intermission of the show you designated.  

A limited number of additional flowers will be available for purchase on show day in the lobby.  We also have a snack bar and merchandise table. 

 Please do not bring balloons to the show as they block audience views.

RECITAL DAY- Friday, June 23rd & Saturday June 24th 

Show A- Friday, June 23rd 5:30pm 

Show B- Saturday, June 24th 8:30am 

Show C- Saturday, June 24th 11:00am 

Show D- Saturday, June 24th 1:30pm 

Show E- Saturday, June 24th 4:00pm

Recital Location Hiram W. Johnson High School

6879 14th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95820 

Please be on time!