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Start Dancing at Fancy Feet - Reason #26 - Graduation


Why your child should dance at Fancy Feet

Reason #26: Graduation


Hello , 

It is our goal to give you and your child a life-long love of dance. It is also our goal to help your child master dance and progress through the levels much like swimming or karate. 

Investing in your child's progressive dance education opens up so many opportunities for your child. Most importantly, dance education can help develop your child for future part-time employment as a young adult.

Job opportunities may include: camp councillors position, leader in arts programs or even teaching dance!

The Graduation 

Once your child has completed a "Dancing Decade" withFancy Feet (10 years of continued enrolment) the Fancy Feet staff and administration are willing to assist your child with the following:

  • Letters of recommendation
  • Audition preparation
  • College applications
  • Job references 
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • And so much more...

Register with our studio and you will gain not only an outstanding dance community, but a positive, caring village to help mentor and grow your child to achieve their full potential.

Invest in your child's education!

Join the Fancy Feet dance family today.