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Start Dancing at Fancy Feet - Reason #62 - Achievement


Why your child should dance at Fancy Feet

Reason #62: Achievement


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Your child will love being involved in dance lessons because they are fun. 

You will love your child being involved in dance lessons because you could notice them performing better in school. 

Studies show that students who take dance lessons do better in science and math competitions, have higher test scores, improved social skills, higher motivation to learn, and better thinking skills than those who are not involved in dance.

One of the reasons that dance students are good academic students is that both require discipline and focus to do well. 

It is challenging to instill these in an academic setting, but that is far from the truth in dance lessons. 

Your child will grow while having fun and the resulting improvement in these skills will carry over into their academic studies.

Some students end up doing better in school because they have found a healthy way to be creative. Fostering creativity is something that most school programs lack, but which is believed to be an important part of becoming a well-rounded adult. 

By having dance lessons to feed the need for creativity, your child is less apt to seek less healthy ways, such as being disruptive in class.

Of all the traits that children in dance lessons gain, one of the most important is self-confidence. The lack of confidence is a real detriment to academic achievement because an unhappy child often doesn’t put in the effort they could.

Here at Fancy Feet, we make dance fun, but we also provide an environment of learning that will serve your child well in school and throughout their life. 

We offer dance lessons in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, and more. 

Our class sizes are small and intimate so that your child will get the attention and guidance they need to succeed. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we work to inspire, motivate, and enrich your child’s life.

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