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September Newsletter


Hello ,

It's time to get back into the swing of things! We're ready for fall, pumpkin spice, and spooky season (even if it's still 92 degrees in Sacramento). Just a quick message to keep you in the loop about important deadlines and all of our fun events for fall as that school schedule start to fill up. Keep reading to find out what to add to your calendar!


September Studio Updates  

  • No classes will be held on Monday, September 4th
  • Students will be measured for the Winter 2023 Home for the Holidays recital during their regular class time, the week of Sept. 11-Sept. 16, 2023
  • Use code: BacktoDance for 15% on all online purchases or mention our back to school promo in person!
  • We will no longer be providing shoes to borrow for classes. Dancers who forget their shoes are welcome to wear tennis shoes and socks for all styles.
  • Holiday Recital Ticket Sales Start: Nov. 15th at 6:00am
  • Join us for our Fancy Fall Festival - read more below!
  • Don't miss a Master Class with Matt Day - read on to learn about why you should take class with this legend 

We are CLOSED for classes Monday, September 4th 


We appreciate those who serve and make the lives we have as dancers, performers, and instructors possible. See you back in the studio on the 5th!

✨Holiday Show Information is here - save the date!

Home For the Holidays (Instagram Post)

Students will be measured for the Winter 2023 Home for the Holidays recital during their regular class time, the week of Sept. 11-Sept. 16, 2023

Each recital costume package includes: 

  • One Costume
  • Tights (one per dancer) 
    • Tights are not included for costumes that have pants
  • Garment bag 
  • Action photos at recital from Vincent Bossi Photography 
  • Digital video of performance from Grey Fox Media 
  • Participation Medal 

➤ $125 per costume+tax

Last day to join is October 1st, 2023 


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Father Daughter Holiday Show Registration Now Open!!
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Our Fancy Fall Festival is October 28th

Copy of Announcements (Instagram Post (Square)) (Instagram Post)

Excited to join the Fall Festival at Fancy Feet Dance Academy! 🕺🍁 Crafting fun, lively dancing, and a chance to meet our fantastic teachers. Let's groove into the autumn spirit together! Don't miss out on the festive joy and the opportunity to connect. See you there!

✨ Master Class in October

Matt Day Workshop

Born and raised in a small underserved City just outside of San Francisco California, Matthew developed a strong sense of self through his love of freestyle dance. At the time, that love served as a safe space from the violence in his community. Now, years later,  he is an accomplished professional dancer who has worked with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Mariah Carey, Rickey Martin and many more. 

At the age of sixteen Matthew had the opportunity to create a dance team named Tripl3 Threat, he had no clue how this would change his life. Sixteen year old Matthew was just happy to have a place to express himself around other young men that shared the same love he had. By the age of Twenty one all opportunity his Community had to offer had been exhausted, packing up his car, he moved to los Angeles with nothing but a dollar and a dream. With no Apartment to call his own,The first year of living in "the city of dreams" was spent sleeping out of his car and bathing out of dance studio bathrooms. 

By the end of year one, Matthews dreams of dancing with major stars not only came true but he managed to put himself on track to become one of Los Angeles' top working professional dancers.

Now at the age of 31, after Bouncing back from multiple injuries on the road, Matthew looks forward to taking the knowledge he has gained on and off stage, merging that with his love of fitness and sharing it with other motivated individuals.

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✨ Back to School Retail Sale


Back to school shopping means dance too! Now is the perfect time to place an order with us or shop our Fancy Feet Boutique in person. Your 15% off deal only lasts until September 30th, make sure your dancer is set with all they need! Use code: BacktoDance for all online purchases

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✨Zoom Update

Please remember when watching your dancer's class on zoom, to enter your name and your dancer's name in the chat box for security purposes. If you have family/friends watching the class remind them as well to write their name and which dancer they are affiliated with. 

✨Dancers of The Month - Mayzie!

September Social Pack

Applause for Mayzie, our Dancer of the Month! 🌟🩰 Her dedication and growth in ballet class are truly remarkable. Mayize's hard work and determination shine through in every graceful step. We can't wait to see her succeed as both a Velocity Dance Company member and amazing student. Keep it up!

See you at the studio!

✨ - Fancy Feet Team