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Recital 2022 Show (C) 1pm

Welcome Dance Families

  • Please make sure you enter through the main theater doors only in between dances as it does disrupt the dancers on stage.
  • Dancers are to remain backstage during the 45-60 min performance.
  • Dancers will be excused from the stage at the end of our finale by class.
  • Please use the side of the stairs to pick up your dancer when the class name is called.

  1. Cinderella
    Velocity Dance Company
    Choreographer: Alexis Boseman, Rachel Angulo, and Kristin Marshall
    Dancers: Abigail Teague, Audra Polhemus, Ella Washington, Emma Russell, Giuliana Bossi, Greer “Gigi” Gorham, Harper Polhemus, Isabella Gutierrez, Isaiah Bossi, Kylie Saetern, Lillian Montano-Grass, Marley Montecinos, Maya Young, Rilee Willett, Talia Morong, Therese Mallari, Zoe Morris  

  2. Dig a Little Deeper
     Class: Saturday 9:30am Ballet/Tap
    Choreographer: Rachel Angulo
    Dancers: Kiyomi Kuang, Vivienne Toves, Addison Starn, Camila Rodriguez, Vivian Pacheco, Alana Javidmehr, Ida Schmidt,              Rebecca Pullen, Margaret Schulman, Leila Stephenson, Briona Thai 

  3. I See the Light
    Monday 5pm Princess Rapunzel Ballet/Tap
    Choreographer: Angel Cannon
    Dancers: Charlotte Drury, Camila Anderson, Kaia Toves, Luna Martin, Brigid Divin

  4.  Mary Poppins
    Wednesday 4pm Princess Ballet/Tap
    Choreographer: Elizabeth Ercila-Adragna
    Dancers: Ella Donato, Aliyah Ruiz, Victoria Bear, Amelia Frame, Lydia Frame, Nora Sheely, Catherine Caretto, Rosalind Compton, Evie St. Germain

  5.  Beauty and the Beast
    Tuesday 5pm Ballet level 1 (Land Park)
    Choreographer: Lindsay Ronquillo
    Dancers: Juliana Nasca, Olivia Godnick, Linnea McEwan, Madisyn Mofidi, Trinity Peacock, Charlotte Schanz

  6. The Greatest Showman
    Monday 6pm Acro level 1
    Choreographer: Chloe Falzarano
    Dancers: Angelina Oxley, Maya Smith, Benjamin Zellhart

  7.  Redemption
    Tuesday 5pm Hip Hop level 2 & Saturday 10:30am Hip Hop level 3
    Choreographer: Alexis Boseman
    Dancers: Ella Washington, Chloe Lanterman, Brooklyn Wagner, Mia Flores, Therese Mallari, Lillian Montano-Grass, Isabella Gutierrez

  8.  Paramedic
    Wednesday 6pm Hip Hop level 3
    Choreographer: Alexis Boseman
    Dancers: Harper Polhemus, Audra Polhemus, Maya Young, Marley Montecinos, Lily Montano

  9. All I Want
    Wednesday 5pm Ballet level 2
    Choreographer: Alexis Boseman
    Dancers: Addyson Donato, Lilyanna Jacobs, Savannah Connor, Caitlyn Sauer, Kara Sauer

  10. Everyone Wants to be a Cat
    Wednesday 5pm Jazz level 3
    Choreographer: Kristin Marshall 
    Instructor: Lindsay Ronquillo
    Dancers: Xyrille Adrien Wells, Brooklyn Carney, Gigi Gorham, Lillian Montano-Grass

  11. Spice
    Velocity Dance Company

    Choreographer: Rachel Angulo
    Dancers: Talia Morong, Lily Montano, Zoe Morris, Isabella Gutierrez, Therese Mallari, Gigi Gorham

  12.  Encanto
    Wednesday 5pm Jazz level 2
    Choreographer: Rachel Angulo
    Dancers: Nola Delong, Grace Converse, Abigail Teague, Rilee Willett, Natalia Large, Kylie Saetern

  13. Evolution of Dance 
    Rachel Angulo
    Dancer: Chloe Mitchell 

  14. Music in Me
    Wednesday 4pm Jazz level 1
    Choreographer: Kristin Marshall  
    Instructor: Angel Cannon
    Dancers: Jackie Fitzgerald, Valentine Gifford, Eva Gibbons, Alivia Gibbons, Sloane Vierra, Ruby Dowell, Kira Lerner,
    Alina Etchepare
  15. Spine
    Velocity Dance Company

    Choreographer: Alexis Boseman
    Dancer: Isabelle Gutierrez

  16. Like Villains Do
    Wednesday 4pm Hip Hop level 1
    Choreographer: Alexis Boseman
    Dancers: Molly Donato, Mila St. Germain, Madison Modifi, Jacy Todd, Elizabeth Pullen,  Cambria Faustino 
  17.  Try Everything
    Performance Group

    Choreographer: Lindsay Ronquillo
    Dancers: Xyrille Adrien Wells, Grace Converse, Kara Sauer, Caitlyn Sauer, Chloe Mitchell, Lilyanna Jacobs, Jeanine Yates

  18.  Go
    Velocity Dance Company

    Choreographer: Kristin Marshall 
    Dancers: Maya Young, Marley Montecinos, Audra Polhemus, Harper Polhemus

Thank you to our amazing staff of instructors and teachers assistants!

Rachel Angulo,  Jocelyn Biedler, Alexis Boseman, Jill Braden, Madelayne  Bagwill, Elizabeth Ercila-Adragna, Chloe Falzarano, Lauren Falzarano, Xochitl Lopez, Kristin Marshall, Jenna Miller, Lindsay Ronquillo, & Angel Cannon, Bailey Flath, Tatiana Uriella

Teacher Assistants: Gigi Adragna, Giada Bhan, Sofia Dominguez, Marley Montecinos, Maya Young, Audra Polhemus.

Please use the side of the stairs when your child’s dance class is called for pick up.