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Recital 2023 Show (D) Saturday 1:30pm

Welcome Dance Families

  • Please make sure you enter through the main theater doors only in between dances as it does disrupt the dancers on stage.
  • Dancers are to remain backstage during the 45-60 min performance.
  • Dancers will be excused from the stage at the end of our finale by class.
  • Please use the side of the stairs to pick up your dancer when the class name is called. 

1) Giselle Variation
Class: Saturday 11:30am Ballet level 2
Instructor: Caitlyn Johnston
Dancers: Anna Zimmer, Kaylee Rivas, Isabelle Pham

2) Someday My Prince Will Come
Velocity Dance Company- Minis
Instructor: Elizabeth Adragna
Dancers: Elle Shields, Molly Donato, Everett Norman

3) Vienna
Class: Monday 6:00pm Ballet level 2
Instructor: Jocelyn Biedler
Dancers: Chloe Mitchell , Lily Davison, Mui Katherine McDonald

4) Arabian Nights
Class: Thursday 4:00pm & Thursday 5:00pm Princess Ballet/Tap
instructor: Klarissa Stipkovich
Dancers: Alessia Hocking, Penny Cooper, Annalisa Cadabes, Riley Echevarria,
Victoria Gonzalez, Lucia Buttemere, Nilah Scales 

5) Encanto
Classes: Tuesday 10:00am & Wednesday 4:00pm Ballet/Tap
Instructors: Heather Applewhite & Madalayne Bagwill
Dancers: Luna Rios-Koffler, Billie Lewis, Violet Radloff, Camilia Flores, Dylan Kerber, Reese Common, Brooklyn McCray, Nora Bourdon, Lucille Baraquil, Giana Ruiz, Alexandra Montero, Ella Lau

6) Mad World
Class: Saturday 11:30am Ballet level 1
Instructor: Alexis Boseman
Dancers: Elle Shields, Amalia Cercea, Gabriella Stan, Emma Diplas, Molly Donato,
Everett Norman

7) Pompeii
Class: Tuesday 6:00pm Hip Hop Level 1
Instructor: Madalayne Bagwill
Dancers: Luna Rodriguez, Isabella Bonney-Burke, Zaniyah Worlds, Eva Arceo, Emia Muhammad, Sloane Schasiepen, Leilani Akaka, Stella Burghdorf

8) Dance of the Little Swans
Class: Saturday 8:30am Ballet/Creative Movement
Instructor: Mikayla Douglas
Dancers: Eloise Harold, Giuliana Blanke, Sierra Sellery, Bronwynn Sheely,
Greta Orsolini

9) All Around the World Mix
Class: Wednesday 4:00pm Hip Hop level 1
Instructor: Klarissa Stipkovich
Dancers: Aylen Barrera, Sloan Schurkamp, Jayden Linster, Gwenna Jones, Molly Donato, Ella Donato, Harper Burkhart, Dior Jones, Matteo Buttemere

10) Let Me Take You to Rio
Classes: Tuesday 11:00am Ballet/Tap & Saturday 9:00am Ballet/Tap
Instructor: Madalayne Bagwill & Bailey Flath
Dancers: Trinity Keys, Olivia Blue, Ada Zook, Evaya Morong 

11) Spanish Rose
Class: Tuesday 6:00pm Musical Theater level 2
Instructor: Caitlyn Johnson
Dancers: Rebecca Lynch, Alana Morong, Mui Kathryn McDonald, Elizabeth Pullen, Zachary Helmuth

12) No Excuses 
Instructor: Madalayne Bagwill
Dancer: Chloe Mitchell 

13) Stayin Alive
Velocity Dance Company- Minis
Instructor: Alexis Boseman
Dancers: Elle Shields, Molly Donato, Everett Norman

14) Cupid and Kitri
Class: Tuesday 7:00 Pointe
Instructor: Kristin Marshall
Dancers: Ella Robyn, Liliana Hocking, Ugochi Dimel, Audra Polhemus, Giuliana Bossi

15) Father Daughter
Instructor: Alexis Boseman 
Dancers: Richard and Elizabeth Pullen, Eddie and Rebecca Lynch, Brett and Lucille Baraquil, Allan and Ella Donato

Thank you to our amazing staff of instructors
and teachers assistants!

Instructors: Jocelyn Biedler, Alexis Boseman, Madelayne Bagwill, Elizabeth Adragna, Bethany Masten, Kristin Marshall,Lindsay Ronquillo, Klarissa Stipkovich, Bailey Flath, Tatiana Uriella, Caitlyn Johnson, Kyra Mostacciuolo, Joan Pasion, Jadell Lee, Heather Applewhite, Tana McKinney, Mikayla Douglas, Jenny Baran 

Teacher Assistants: Giada Bhan, Marley Montecinos, Maya Young, Audra Polhemus, Harper Polhemus, Lillian Montano-Grass, Isabella Gutierrez, Isabella Govenar, Karly Butler, Isaiah Bossi 

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