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Sacramento Dance Instructor


Dance Instructor & Front Desk 

March 2024-Present

Miss Hayley has been dancing since she was 10 years old training in all styles of dance from ballet, jazz, modern/lyrical, hip hop, tap all the way to Broadway and even Salsa and Bachata. Her favorite style would probably have to be ballet or lyrical though because she loves how the music makes you really stop and feel what you’re doing when you move and connect to the rhythm and feel every beat.
  Miss Hayley graduated in 2020 with her Associate’s in Dance after completing her training in the East Bay. She taught dance for four years in the East Bay before deciding to pursue a career in Child Psychology and continuing her dance journey with us here in Sacramento as both meet her goals of working with and helping children.
  She is passionate about watching children thrive in a new environment and strives to make every dancer she meets, no matter what age, feel comfortable and that dance truly is for everybody. Her love for dance, psychology and teaching is what inspires her to continue growing as a dancer and a teacher and she hopes to inspire as many dancers as possible to grow their love for dance as long as they can in life. 
  Outside of dance class, you’ll find Miss Hayley either reading a new book or outside on a hike. Growing up in Minnesota inspired her love for nature and anything outdoors along with her love for animals big and small.